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Candidates and Credentials Committee



The responsibilities of the Candidates and Credentials Committee include:

  • Supervising and counseling all ministerial candidates and interns, and reporting to Presbytery on their progress

  • Examining all candidates for licensure, ordination, or transfer of ordination and making a recommendation to the Presbytery


Committee Members:

  • TE Dennis Bills (chair)

  • TE Josh Bailey

  • RE John Parker

  • TE Andy Styer

  • TE Michael VanDerLinden

  • RE Jim Bob Williams


Information for Candidates:

  • NOTE: Each checklist above lists the requirement that you state your specific differences or exceptions to the standards (Westminster Confession and Catechisms). The committee will discuss these with you during your oral examination, and we will decide based on your articulation of your position in which category we recommend the Presbytery place it (RAO 16-3.e.5: merely semantic; more than semantic, but not out of accord with the system; or hostile to the system).

Suggested Reading for Candidates (the items listed below are general and vital; the linked page below lists a number of references specific to particular parts of the examination process):


Information for Churches:

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