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Reformed University Fellowship

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a campus ministry that reaches college students from all backgrounds with the hope of Jesus Christ. College is a time when beliefs are explored, decisions are made, and lives are changed. We invite students into authentic relationships and the study of God’s Word. Through the ministry of RUF, students discover the love of Christ, find their significance in God’s redemptive story, and engage in the life of His church.

West Virginia currently has one RUF ministry in the state: RUF at WVU. If you would like to learn more, you can contact Peter Green (the RUF campus pastor) or Barrett Jordan (the chair of the RUF committee in the New River Presbytery).

Committee members:

  • RE Rob Finley

  • TE Alan Hager

  • TE Barrett Jordan (chair)

  • RE Brian Riedel


To all the PCA Congregations of West Virginia,


On behalf of the pastors and elders of New River Presbytery, we want to share an exciting new vision with you for an RUF at WVU in 2016!


As some of you already know, Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is our own college ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). RUF grew alongside the PCA in 1970’s and is now serving on about 150 campuses from Florida to New York to California to Mexico! Like our other two missionary agencies, MTW and MNA, RUF facilitates, recruits, and trains staff to pastor college students. These campus ministers serve as home missionaries, raising their support annually - while preaching and teaching the Gospel on campus throughout the year. For years now, RUF is considered the best outreach for growing local churches in the PCA! Their vision is simple, “Reaching students for Christ and Equipping students to serve.”


Since the 1970’s, RUF has been feeding our churches across the nation with college students who have been discipled by an ordained PCA pastor. For instance, a recent graduate relocates for a job into your hometown - ready to join your church and serve the Lord in your community. Even though we do not have RUF, perhaps you have seen some of these RUF grads, several of us have and would love to share our stories with you.

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